Dina has a diverse background and believes that mindfulness, breathe and movement are the keys to a long and abundant life. She is a graduate of the NY College of Health Professions with an AOS in Massage Therapy. Dina completed the 1600 hour accredited program at NY College. She is a certified Hatha yoga instructor, certified Dharma & Prenatal Yoga Instructor, trained in Pranayama (Breathing exercises) and Mindfulness Meditation.  As the Owner/CEO of Kashmir Hands "Knead the Body to Balance" Inc., she is also an Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Yoga Instructor(CYI), Certified Birth Doula(CBD)  in New York State, North and South Carolina and an Approved Provider for the National Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.   Dina also attends workshops through DONA International, Yoga Journal, American Massage Therapy Association and attends numerous integrated mind body events.  She is specialized in guiding the rhythm of breath with yoga flow movement as a healing modality for self-understanding. She believes that a Strong Core is a Strong Everything. Her classes  and therapies demonstrate an impeccable foundation in alignment, strength and movement giving the body the ability to stretch into form and understanding.  

Dina’s journey to a deep appreciation for Yoga began during with her feet planted on an exercise mat after a memorable closing meditation, she experienced a moment of transformation. Since then it has been Dina’s mission to use yoga, breathing techniques and meditation as the gateway to individual change and inspiration as each person advances towards greater self-awareness and inner peace.  

As a student studying massage and yoga, she was fascinated by the human reproductive system and wanted to learn as much as possible about the body and all of its amazing abilities. This hunger for knowledge inspired Dina to develop a true understanding about how massage and yoga can increase, stimulate and relax the functions of our bodies. Her journey to understand fully the human body is a never-ending one for which she consistently educates herself. With this knowledge she is able to help her clients achieve optimal wellness.

Dina's love of all things musical, especially the bass drum, enhances the vibration in her classroom and facilitates an understanding of who we are. She strives to bring humor, reality and wisdom into her classroom while integrating mindfulness, synchronizing the breath with movement, inspirational affirmations with a strong foundation on alignment. She encourages her students to challenge themselves to recognize and to expand their limits wisely.  

Through our services we value your well-being. When we are all Healthy & Happy the world changes and we nurture Union!

"Our work is something one needs to experience in order to understand the true dynamics of how Massage Therapy & Yoga Meditations can increase, stimulate and relax the functions of our systems." 

Sincerely, Dina